COPA Armaments

Armaments cooperation stated aim -           ARMA Logo

“The aim is to achieve financial, technical and/or industrial benefits for all the member countries within the field of acquisition and life cycle support. This will be achieved through transparent and mutual exchange of information on planned national procurement in order to identify and exploit possibilities for common development programs, procurement and maintenance of existing and emerging capabilities.”

COPA ARMA is mandated to initiate, administrate and close down Working Groups in any area that is deemed beneficial for Nordic armaments cooperation. Currently 10 such Working Groups exist. These cover a whole range of cooperation areas, and are comprised of experts from all the Nordic nations’ line organizations, such as Defence Headquarters, Logistics organizations, Defence Ministries, Services, etc.

Working Groups come into existence either through the annual screening of all the nations’ procurement plans, or through an ad hoc request to cooperate on a certain issue. You will find a full list of all Working Groups and their mandates here.  

ALCS Screening workflow