Nordic Combat Uniform Lessons Learned meeting

The Nordic Combat Uniform (NCU) project met with NORDEFCO Cooperation Area Armaments (COPA ARMA) in Oslo 11 January. The meeting was the start of the process of utilizing the lessons learned in NCU for future Nordic projects.

The project managers for NCU were present in order to give their view of the lessons learned in the project to COPA ARMA Management. NCU represents a historic chance for the Nordic nations to successfully run a common procurement project, as there are both financial and technical/user incentives in the future.

The meeting in Oslo, held at the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency’s premises, was the start of the structured lessons identified/lessons learned process initiated by COPA ARMA. The process will incorporate valuable experiences from NCU into the future NORDEFCO Common Procurement Guide (CPG). That process will give future Nordic projects the chance to get a head start in terms of avoiding potential known pitfalls and taking advantage of successful procedures developed by NCU.

COPA ARMA will look to develop the CPG during the course of 2018. In addition to the NCU, the process will involve key armaments stakeholders throughout the Nordic nations from the commercial, legal and project management spheres. The aim is to have the Nordic National Armaments Directors recognize and implement the CPG by year’s end 2018.