New NORDEFCO Project Development Guide 2.0 released in 04/2023

COPA ARMA finalized the new updated version of NPDG, which was approved by PSC ARMA in 2019 as a guiding document for Nordic armaments cooperation. 

The purpose of the NPDG is to establish procedures and guidelines for how NORDEFCO common procurement projects are developed and executed. The NPDG provides practical guidance on how to ensure that critical issues are treated properly and how to mitigate risk, as well as give insights into lessons learned. By giving an overview of relevant issues and stakeholders, the NPDG aims to increase the potential for success for NORDEFCO common procurement.

Key elements addressed in the NPDG are:
- Determining a clear aim, the benefits of cooperation, ensuring initial risk assessment of cooperation, and ensuring both national and NORDEFCO coordination and backing
- WG responsibilities when starting a cooperation
- Final validation of the cooperation before establishing a framework for a bilateral or multinational agreement
- Determining appropriate instruments for cooperation

The NPDG is available as a digital publication at (link: or a hard copy which is available through your national COPA ARMA representatives.