Lithuania and Finland co-hosted Nordic-Baltic CHOD meeting

The Nordic Chiefs of Defence met with the Baltic Chiefs of Defence in Nordic Baltic meeting chaired by
Lithuania. The Nordic and Baltic nations continued to strengthen their cooperation.

Lithuania having the chairmanship of Baltic Defence Cooperation and Finland having the chairmanship of
Nordic Defence Cooperation. Due to ongoing Covid-19 situation and travelling restrictions the meeting was
conducted as a VTC meeting. The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss about national military
updates and security within the Nordic and Baltic countries.

This annually arranged meeting offered a chance for fruitful discussions about the framework of Nordic-
Baltic cooperation. Cooperation in military and political level with the Baltic countries is highly valued
within NORDEFCO. Nordic and Baltic nations continued to strengthen their cooperation as a forum for the
high-level discussions on the security situation including its implications on capability development in each

It is well appreciated that the NORDEFCO structure enables strengthening cooperation, keeping contact
and discussing important aspects of security with the Baltic nations.