Third Nations' involvement

The NORDEFCO MoU opens up for NORDEFCO cooperation with other than the participants to the MoU. 

Section 7 states that "Nordic Defence Cooperation activities or projects with others than the Participants to this MoU will be based upon a pragmatic approach, as a result of a defined need assessment. The Participants to a specific activity or project will jointly formulate the provisions under which such cooperation may be performed."

The initiation of such cooperation at the military level could come either from the political or ministerial level, or as a bottom-up initiative through the military level. 

Possible practical cooperation will be subject to individual assessment on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the governing principles for third party cooperation. The Policy Steering Committee or the Military Coordination Committee will, within given mandates, make the decision to invite a new third party. A request for participation in a NORDEFCO activity should be forwarded to the chair nation of NORDEFCO (for 2017 this is Finland).