A revitalisation of cooperation on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) within NORDEFCO

The National Armaments Directors have tasked the NORDEFCO Procurement Network (NPN) to include PPP in its work, with the aim to exchange information and best practices and to enhance Nordic cooperation in this area.

Public- Private Partnerships relates to different forms of collaboration between public and private sector. PPP is a tool. And in this regard PPP should be considered when possible. By maximizing the benefits of PPP, more activities within the core business of the Armed Forces will be possible to achieve.

PPP will be presented and discusses in a broadly perspective, as different ways of cooperating with private sector with the aim to maximize the benefits of PPP. When revitalizing the cooperation on PPP through implementing the “NORDEFCO Strategy –Public Private Partnerships 2010” exchange of experience and best practice between the nations will be possible and identify possible common PPP projects, also including dialogue with the industry. PPP-cooperation may lead to a more cost-efficient utilization of allocated resources, increase the opportunity for interoperability through standardization, reduce costs and present quality improvement and a better sharing of risk

In order to develop  PPP to be an effective tool within NORDEFCO, to reach a common understanding of the PPP- concept, for a better communication and cooperation and also to gain a common and efficient method for NORDEFCOs PPP-processes, there is established an arena within the NORDEFCO structure, assuming to revitalize the cooperation within NORDEFCO on PPP.

With the aim of PPP- project identification and exchange of knowledge between the different environments of competence within PPP between the nations, between the nations and the industry and within the industry. 

There will be established a database where PPP experiences will be documented and collected.

The use of PPP solutions requires special skills and development of tools within a number of areas, especially within the legal and commercial fields. Central coordination should therefore be available for ongoing PPP- activities.

Guidelines and checklists should be available as support to evaluate whether a PPP solution is suitable and how PPP activities should be carried out.

In order to fulfill this goal there should be presented a directive for all NORDEFCO groups to consider the possibilities for PPP in their area of responsibility

PPP should be on the agenda within all the different areas of the dialogue with the industry with the purpose to identify possible PPP-projects.



Point of Contacts:
Director General Frode Halgunset, the Norwegian MoD
E-mail: fha@fd.dep.no
Telephone: 0047 23096581

Senior Adviser Line Kristin Erdvik, the Norwegian MoD
E-mail: lwe@fd.dep.no
Telephone : 0047 23096534

Senior Adviser Riikka Pitkänen, Finish MoD
Telephone:  00358(0)295140421
E-mail: Riikka Pitkänen@defmin.fi

 Jack Frisbæk, Forsvarsministeriets Materiel- og Indkøbsstyrelse
Telephone: 0045 7257 2162
E-mail: fmt-id-s502@mil.dk