Nordic CHODs and NADs meeting

The Nordic Chiefs of Defence and National Armament Directors met 20.8.2021 via VTC. The meeting was hosted by the Finnish Chief of Defence, general Timo Kivinen together with National Armaments Director Raimo Jyväsjärvi. Finland is holding the chairmanship of Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO) 2021. 

The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss about cooperation and strengthening the ability to act together. Cooperation gives a strong signal that the Nordic countries are able to operate together in all circumstances. In 2021, Finland, as the chair of NORDEFCO structure, will continue to implement NORDEFCO Vision 2025 and to improve the ability to act together in peace, crises and conflict.

The security situation in Europe and our neighbouring area has extended Nordic cooperation in the past few years. The Nordic countries also share a common background and security challenges. The strength of the Nordic Defence Cooperation lies in its diversity, the one hand on the shared history and culture of the countries as well as the diversity in relation to NATO and the EU. Therefore, cooperation is more than the sum of its parts, underlines general Kivinen during the meeting.