COPA ARMA Coordination Conference 2022

The COPA ARMA Coordination Conference (CACC) will be held 23-25 August 2022 in conjunction with the DALO Industry Days in Ballerup, Denmark.

CACC is held biennally to gather all the COPA ARMA Working Group (WG) experts. The intent of CACC is to discuss and clarify the various subjects relating to the sphere of Nordic Armaments cooperation. In addition, it is an opportunity for the WGs to meet and establish a working relationship in order to enhance future coordination and exchange identified challenges and lessons learned. As such, time will be dedicated to give WGs the opportunity to hold separate working session meetings in designated meeting rooms during the event. The opportunity for WGs to meet during CACC is especially valuable in light of the COVID-19 pandemic having made it difficult to conduct physical meetings the last two years. As such, COPA ARMA Management encourages all WG representatives to use this opportunity to immerse themselves in Nordic armaments cooperation.

CACC will be held in conjuction with the DALO Industry Days. For more information about DALO Industry Days, please visit 
DALO Industry Days 24-25 AUG 2022 (