Nordic subject-matter experts in air defence to be training in Mikkeli

A Nordic planning exercise of the air defence branch, the exercise Nordic Helmet 2017 will be organised in Mikkeli, Finland from 30 October to 2 November 2017.

Involving the planning of upcoming air defence exercises as well as exchanging of information and experiences concerning air defence weapons systems, the exercise will be led by Inspector of Air Defence, Colonel Ari Grönroos from the Finnish Army Command. Altogether 20 professional soldiers are to participate in the exercise from Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Meanwhile, also a meeting of the participating countries’ Inspectors of Air Defence will be organised. The exercise Nordic Helmet 2017 is part of Nordic defence cooperation, Nordefco, resting on sustained contacts between Nordic armed forces and defence administrations as well as regular meetings. Finland holds the Nordefco chairship in 2017.

Organised in alternate years in Finland, Sweden and Norway, the exercise Nordic Helmet was previously organised in Finland in 2014.