COPA Capabilities

COPA CAPA addresses the Nordic nation’s development plans as well as processes with the aim of identifying areas for capability cooperation.

Based on common needs, COPA CAPA identifies areas of mutual benefit, with the intent of exploring the possibilities of reducing total costs and promoting operational effectiveness.

Within COPA CAPA, a number of high-priority capabilitiy areas are subject to deeper studies and common projects. This list over prioritized activities contains those capabilities perceived as giving the greatest potential for cooperation. At the moment the following areas are in focus.

  • Better utilization of the countries air transport assets (NORTAT). The project explores the opportunities for collaboration within the areas of operational use, maintenance, training and exercises of air transport capabilities. This initiative is presently run by the line organizations.

  • Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED), aiming at developing cooperation on procurement, training and procedures for the best possible counter-measures against improvised explosive devices. Special attention is given to the development of a Combined Nordic Technical Exploitation Contribution (CNTEC), by coordinating Nordic national contributions in the field of Level 2 Exploitation.

  • Base Camp Material, aiming at clarifying costs, benefits, consequences and legal aspects of countries’ common use of Norwegian base camp material.

  • Cyber Defence, aiming at investigating cost benefits and operational gains by a Nordic cooperation regarding immediate threat warnings in the cyber domain.

  • Simulators and trainers, aiming at identifying possible cooperation in the use and acquisition of simulators and trainers in order to save costs or achieve better operational effect.

  • Land Mobility Engineering, aiming at identifying possibilities for cost savings and operational gains by coordinating and sharing Nordic countries’ engineer mobility capabilities.

  • Mine Counter Measures (MCM), aiming at increasing cooperation on future MCM-capabilities.

  • Battalion Task Force 2020, exploring the ability to generate a Nordic Battalion Task Force and providing common TTP’s as a basis for common training, deployments and procurements.

Activities within COPA CAPA are normally the result of comparison of study or development plans between the countries. The activities may span over several years. To achieve substantial economic gains, the key is to cooperate from the first steps in the process, including harmonizing capability requirements. There is a close link between COPA CAPA and other cooperation areas, since commonly developed capabilities provide a basis for combining education, training, exercises, armaments, logistics and, if decided, for combined contributions to operations.